Teaching Kids How to Brush With Elmo Brush Your Teeth Videos

Maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to your overall health. In children, it is necessary to instill healthy dental habits early enough and ensure they understand their importance. Many parents and guardians find it a challenge to introduce dental care and sound hygiene habits to preschoolers. However, it does not have to be difficult anymore with Elmo brush your teeth videos. Your children can enjoy the rich cartoon features, the sweet melodies and learn a thing or two that will inspire them to observe proper oral care.

Elmo Brush Your Teeth For Kids

Elmo Brush Your Teeth Video

Watch Elmo brush your teeth videos today and transform your kid’s brushing experience! After watching the video, Let’s see how to introduce into your child’s brushing regime below.

Elmo Brush Your Teeth lyrics

Brush brushy brush, brushy brush brush
Brush brushy brush, brushy brush brush
Brushy brush them up and down
Brushy brush them round and round

To keep teeth healthy here’s the truth
You gotta brush each and every tooth
The teeth in the back get a lot of wear
So don’t forget to wash back there!

Brush your teeth; keep them looking clean and bright
Brush your teeth; every day and every night
Now your toothpaste may taste good
When you’ve got it in your mouth

But you should never swallow it
You got, got, gotta spit it out
(Go on and spit, we’ll wait for it!)

Brush your teeth; keep them looking clean and bright
Brush your teeth; every day and every night
Now what you feel inside is what you gotta do
Let them get your toothbrush out now just keep brushing
Brush your teeth … looks like you’re almost done


A few of the tips that you can introduce into your child’s brushing regime from these videos and songs include:

Starting Early Enough on Oral Hygiene

kid-toothbrushAs a parent, you should introduce your children to oral care even before the first tooth comes out. You can do this by wiping the gums after meals. This will not only build discipline in your child but also help them to love brushing from a tender age. With familiarity of oral hygiene, it becomes easier for children to pick up the habit as they grow up. There are soft toothbrushes designed for toddlers and small children. Ensure you make the process as fun as possible. Playing videos of Elmo brushing his teeth using a Smartphone can be an excellent idea.

Adding Flavored and Fluoride Free Toothpaste

toothpasteFrom the age of three, you can gradually start introducing toothpaste to your kid’s dental care regimen. While putting the toothpaste, you need to follow up with a bit of training to ensure your child does not swallow it instead they spit it after brushing. Offer them a small sip of water in the course of brushing and teach them how to swish it around to encourage them to spit any toothpaste present in the mouth.

Flavored toothpaste can make oral care exciting and fun. Kids’ friendly flavors such as watermelon, bubble gum, chocolate and strawberry can open up your kid’s brushing experience to a whole new level.

Striving for Quality Time in Brushing

brushing timeWhen brushing your toddler’s teeth, you need to spend at least two minutes. Within this period, your focus should be on all the tool surfaces, the tongue and the back teeth. The Elmo brush your teeth song can help motivate your toddler during the oral care sessions as it adds fun and keeps him engaged for the entire duration of the brushing.

Letting Your Kids Do the Brushing

teethAs the child turns four, you should encourage him to brush his own teeth while supervising the sessions. You should be close enough to watch them throughout the process and help them out with the hard-to-access back teeth. By entertaining the children during their brushing, they will be in no much hurry to finish the brushing so as to go play and do other activities. The Elmo tutorials will help them brush their teeth properly and concentrate fully on the brushing activity.

To make brushing for kids even more enjoyable, you can allow them to pick their own toothbrushes. Since they have their own favorite colors, sizes, shapes and patterns, giving them the opportunity to pick their toothbrushes can add fun. Elmo brush your teeth cartoon comes in different colors to help your children love regular brushing.



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