A Review of the Best Water Flosser for Your Oral Care

Flossing is a critical exercise for your oral care and dentists recommend that it should be done after brushing your teeth. However, not many people see this exercise as important or rather do not fully understand the benefits and reasons why they should floss their teeth. One other reason why some people find flossing to be a challenge is because they see it as an involving task that consumes their time and hence the temptation to skip it. If this has been your challenge, you need to look for the best water flosser because it makes the exercise enjoyable and guarantees you optimal oral health. A water flosser uses the powerful force of water pressure to effectively remove food particles lodged between your teeth.

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What Should You Look for in the Best Water Flosser?

Water flossers are different and as a consumer, you need someone to hold your hand when shopping so that you get a water flosser that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Below is a guide that will help you achieve this:

Ease of Use

The main reason people skip flossing is because of the time and effort required. When choosing a water flosser therefore, you should find one that will give you motivation to floss regularly and one that is a snap to use.


To get value for your money, you should pick a model that will serve you for long and remain functional even after extended use. Look at the materials that constitute the water flosser and also at customer reviews to get an idea from the experiences of others.


The best water flosser is the one that delivers on its promise. After all, as a customer your main aim is the performance and how well the flosser does its job.

Best Water Flosser Reviews

There are lots of water flossers in the market today and knowing the right one to pick can go a long way in reducing your post purchase dissonance. Below are some of the top water flossers that will undoubtedly give you exceptional services.

Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Water Flosser

This is an all-round water flosser and highly recommended for people who have gone through cosmetic dentistry procedures. It works effectively even if you have crowns and braces. The 10 water pressure settings feature of this water flosser offers the users the opportunity and freedom to select from 10 to 90 PSI depending on their level of comfort. It gives healthier gums in just two weeks. As far as design is concerned, this water flosser is more compact and does not produce irritating noise when it is working. Its reservoir is covered and this ensures cleanliness of the flossing water. What more! The Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Water Flosser is made by one of the top brands in the world.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Oral Irrigator

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Oral Irrigator

This is one of the best water flosser that gives you the same flossing and cleaning experience as your dentist. It has an exceptional power to clear food particles and other debris stuck in between your teeth. Despite its flossing power, this water flosser works in a gentle manner hence doesn’t cause gum irritation.

It has a 165-ml water tank which is large enough compared with its competing models. It also has two-speed water jet settings that allow you to choose between two modes depending on the one that you are comfortable with. The durability that comes with this model makes it an excellent buy.


How to Use Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Video


Looking for the best Cordless Water Flosser ?  Waterpik WP-440 cordless professional water flosser is an excellent solution for people seeking the convenience of water flossing. It is not only rechargeable but also portable, making it a prefect option for use while travelling and in smaller bathrooms.


Getting the best water flosser will guarantee you comfortable flossing, value for money and exceptional performance. Get one today!


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